The road is not calling, it is joyfully screaming with the entrance of SIXT Nigeria.

Airport Pick up and Drop Off

We will arrange your pick up and drop off fro the airport, in time.

Car Rental ( Short and Long term)

We have a fleet of cars available for rent either for a few hours, a few days, or months.

School Bus and Staff Bus Scheme

We can help you ove your staff and students from home to work/school.

Light trucks

Our light trucks are suited for your logistics needs.

Sale and Leaseback

Need our vehicular assets for an extended period of time? We offer affordable leases. We also sell.

Fleet management

We can help minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs.

Armoured Vehicles

If you're moving your High value assets or individuals and security is of utmost importance, we have vehicles suited for this purpose.

Escort Services

We also provide Escort Services for our clients nationwide.

Protocol Services

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Premium Vehicles

luxury and high value vehicles.

Staff Outsourcing

We also outsource our staff services to our clients nationwide.

Operate and Maintain

We can help operate and maintain your vehicle fleet; helping you focus on your core operations.